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You may have found evidence of a rodent you can see is damaging your building’s floors, walls or ceilings or seen the signs of harmful and irritating insects that have found their way into a bedroom. It is most frustrating if you cannot locate the nests of these pests or prevent them from destroying your property. SES Pest Control set your mind at ease with highly efficient control and management of annoying pests. Call us on 1800 800 579 for an on-site assessment or quote.

Our team are well-equipped for residential and commercial pest control and building inspections. We help you to protect your health and property by safely doing away with:


An infestation by termites (sometimes known as ‘white ants’) is one of the most damaging and about one in five homes in New South Wales have either active termite infestations or past experience of termites on the property. Since termites tend to consume wood, an enormous amount of damage can be done to buildings that are unprotected from termite invasion or left untended by regular pest control services.

The tunnels constructed by termites extend underground across a wide area, up to 50 metres from the termite nest. Evidence is usually only noticeable long after infestation. These insects have a habit of eating wood from the inside first. Termites also attack plaster, carpets, cloth and even soft plastics, rubber and acrylic particles that are used in constructing their subterranean tunnels.


There are two kinds of borer, the first being more interested in living wood, and the second being the more damaging of the two when it comes to dried wood. Powderpost beetles, Furniture beetles and Queensland Pine beetles are three of the borers that prefer dried timbers.

The first can be identified through the fine, powdery dust it leaves behind after attacking mainly sapwoods. Furniture beetles leaves behind a far more course and gritty ‘frass’ and the beetle tends to attack ceilings, floors and walls in humid coastal areas. It is usually very difficult to tell the full extent of the damage caused by Furniture beetles and Queensland Pine beetles unless there is proof of treatment. SES Pest Control provides proof after every regular treatment.


Not all spiders are dangerous yet this is one of the most feared of all creatures. Whether spiders are web-makers, crawlers or burrowing spiders that wait in ambush for their prey, most can be successfully removed individually. Prevention through chemical means is possible although it is usually ineffective.

Removing spiders to return them to their natural habitat without harming them is possible through using a glass or bowl (depending on the size of the spider) and sliding a sheet of paper or cardboard beneath the glass when the spider is trapped. Since it is not always easy to identify spiders with a toxic or poisonous bite, it is a good idea to call SES Pest Control on 1800 800 579 for assistance with identification and safe removal of certain species.


These insects live in colonies ranging in size from a few hundred to thousands of ants organised and engaged in sophisticated social activities. Worker ants tend to forage for a large range of substances for eating including sweets, grease, insects, vegetables, fruits, oils and water. In Sydney, only a few types of ants have become pests in homes and businesses. While off-the-shelf products may alleviate the problem in the short term, locating ant nests to control the problem in the longer term is better assigned to professional pest controllers.


For businesses in the hospitality and healthcare industries as well as private homes, control of pests like bedbugs must be ongoing. Bedbugs cause irritation and allergic reactions through their bites as well as being carriers of diseases like Hepatitis.

Concealing themselves in dark places including mattresses, spring coils, bed linings, bedside furniture, wall cracks, doors and windows, these insects are mainly nocturnal feeders of human blood. Locating the nests, identifying the life cycle stages and regular control is essential through a team effort between you and your SES Pest Controller.


These crawling and flying pests are commonly found in homes, restaurants and food manufacturing and handling areas. Cockroaches are disliked intensely by most people due to their appearance. About five or six species are troublesome pests in Sydney.

Attracted to vegetable matter, cheese, leather, baked goods, starches, some sweets and meats, these scavengers carry disease-producing organisms including dysentery, diarrhoea and salmonella. Tending to be nocturnal, these pests live in wall cracks, crevices, storm water drains, sewers and other dark locations. Get in touch with SES Pest Control on 1800 800 579 to keep them at bay.


The most common fly that causes irritation to humans is the Green Blowfly. It is attracted to food sources where it completes is life cycle. Flies are also frequent visitors to animal fecies and spread diseases including hepatitis, cholera, salmonella, dysentery, parasitic worms and poliomyelitis. Flies also lay their eggs or larvae in the wounds of livestock, causing major problems for farmers.

Flies are have very short life cycles, reproduce in large numbers and are also strong fliers. Most treatments include taking advantage of the fact these pests do rest at night. Surfaces can be safely treated as well as being hygienically maintained. Reducing breeding sites can ultimately reduce populations in any given location as long as the area is under firm control and regularly checked by professional pest controllers.


These parasitic pests are usually found on pet cats and dogs, although the majority of their life cycle occurs in carpets and other soft furnishings or areas where animals are housed (off the pet). For part of their life cycle and lasting many months, fleas exist in cocoons.

Adult fleas can live for at least three months without any food at all and are carriers of diseases like the plague, typhus and dog tapeworm. This is a danger for children who may accidentally ingest tiny fleas and become infested with the tapeworm. Small itchy spots are a common reaction to this pest. SES Pest Control can provide systemic support for your ongoing maintenance and control of cat and dog flea life cycles through spot treatments, dips, collars and powders.

Mice and Other Rodents

House mice and rats can cause a lot of damage through nibbling and gnawing through structural elements of a home or office and tend to frequent areas where food and shelter may be found. Living under the floorboards of buildings, in wall and roof voids or indoors behind furniture that is rarely moved, mice and other rodents will breed and can quickly overrun an area. Numerous diseases are transmitted through their activities.

A few main control approaches are advised by specialist pest controllers, SES Pest Control, namely rodent-proofing, routine hygiene, setting traps and using chemical control measures including baiting to reduce the areas that attract these pests. In some instances, fumigation may be necessary.

Other Pests

Along with the above pests most commonly found in private homes, businesses, factories and storage areas, there are other pests that can damage or have an impact on our property and our health. These include midges and mosquitoes, carpet beetles and clothes moths, bees, wasps, silverfish and weevils, ticks and feral cats. Each requires professional attention and knowledge of specialized products or a lot of time and money could be wasted without successfully controlling the problem.

Simplifying the pest control process includes enrolling the assistance of trained experts in the field who are able to advise you on products to use, procedures to follow and maintenance programs to set in place for your long term peace of mind.

Call SES Pest Control on 1800 800 579 and speak to us about your pest control issues. Our team are trained in the use of thorough, safe and effective pest control strategies.